Established in 2018.

Meet our founder

It all started…

in the Boston College Phone Center. I had raised over $30,000 in alumni donations and was ready to put my skills to the test in the ‘real world’. I cold emailed my way to an interview with the CEO of Namely, and was hired as the company’s 1st Sales Development Representative (SDR).


At Namely, I built the Inside Sales team from the ground up. I solidified my spot as No. 1 SDR with the most qualified opportunities, resulting in $900,000+ closed won ARR within my first 8 months. I quickly developed our lead generation initiative – cold call and email cadences, ideal customer profiles and a BANT matrix.


Moving up the ranks to management, I consistently hit recruiting goals and motivated the SDR team to meet, and often exceed, quota. As part of our on-boarding process and ongoing training initiatives, I created a Library of Sales Resources, Sales & Marketing Service Level Agreements, Revenue Operation Guides, Sales Playbooks and Salesforce Ops best practices.
In the time that Namely grew from 8 to 550+ employees, I hired 60+ SDRs, many of whom were internally promoted to Account Executive and Sales Management positions.


I joined the AA-ISP NY-NJ-CT Chapter to bring educational and engagement opportunities to Inside Sales professionals in the region. Since becoming a Chapter Officer, I’ve helped grow our membership from 75 —> 250+ sales professionals.
I enjoy writing articles for the Inside Sales community and speaking at sales conferences and webinars. Check out my body of work below:



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Speaking Engagements & Webinars


Rainmaker, The Sales Engagement 2017 Conference – SalesLoft “From Player to Coach: Things I Wish I Knew Going from Rep to Manager”


AA-ISP Regional 2016 Conference – AA-ISP “Building for the Future in Today’s World”


Sales Machine 2016 Workshop – Salesforce and Sales Hacker “Outbound Messaging and Cadence”


Salesforce Best Practices 2015 Webinar – Sales Hacker Fresh Sales Ops “Reports and Dashboards for SDR Teams”


Sales Hacker Conference – NYC 2015 – Sales Hacker “Tools for your Sales Stack”


ZoomInfo & Namely Webinar 2015 – ZoomInfo & Namely “The Art & Science of Inside Sales”


Talent Hackers NYC 2014 Conference – Workable “Building and Hiring for Company Culture”


Startup Squarespace Series 2014 – IFP Media Center “8 Marketing and Sales Tips for your Company”


Christopher Flores

Chief Executive Officer